Fresh Squeezed Lemonade = Freedom To Live A Great Life!

Ever wanted to rip off your suit and tie, ditch the 9 to 5 lifestyle and sell lemonade as a career?

Josh Lange wanted a business to fund his winter ambitions, travels, and adventurous lifestyle. So, in 1998 Josh founded Just Squeezed Juice, Inc. The companies philosophy has been and continues to be working hard every summer to support global adventures. From May to September of each year, Just Squeezed Inc.’s one of a kind crew travel from coast to coast selling fresh squeezed lemonade at some of the country’s most popular festivals.

Just Squeezed offers a lifestyle which brings them to the most beautiful places in the country.

Here they can bask in the sun or surf, listen to unbelievable bands and prepare for epic winters in the mountains. Along side the Just Squeezed supplies and equipment are their surfboards, kayaks, mountain bikes, and the other outdoor equipment. This way the crew can take full advantage of each location where the festivals are happening. Whether it’s kayaking the Ocoee river in Tennessee after slaving away at the Bonnaroo music festival or mountain biking outside of Albuquerque, NM after long days of serving juice at the New Mexico State Fair, this crew will find the coolest places to unwind and enjoy their free time.

Just Squeezed is a fresh way to live a life less hectic

The combination of a fun work environment, a 100% cash business, and the most beautiful locations around the country make Just Squeezed a distinctive business that can start making you money this summer!

Just Squeezed Specialties:

Working in short spurts and earning big profits! Being smart about time, maximizing money making potential with simplicity and living life in a HUGE way!

Just Squeezed is entering into our 15th season! Josh has his goals set and is committed to the growth of his company. His vision is to create the freedom of his lifestyle for everyone who uses the Just Squeezed model.

Let the proved and tried system of Just Squeezed make you money.

Set yourself free!

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