The Just Squeezed beverage event business will be operating their “Just Squeezed” Lemonade stands at the New Mexico State Fair again this year!! So…We’re looking for super awesome individuals to join us for a fun work experience!!

Juice Squeezer/ Slinger
Front counter and Register workers

*Serving Lemonade like it was the last day on Planet Earth! Being beyond awesome to customers!!
*Running front counter, taking orders, taking money and working at high speeds!!


You must be able to work fast & efficient! Experience essential & you must be super friendly as we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Knowledge of a register is a bonus, how to count correct change also important and being calm and confident another BIG +!


Wednesday September 10, 2014 – Sunday September 21, 2014.

*Our Hiring Manager can explain scheduling shifts, hours available, etc.

What to expect:

A fast paced slinging bonanza! We get very busy so be confident in your skills! There are also times that are slow so you need to stay 100% focused during your shift (no texting, slouching and being unhappy).

We appreciate good people and will always give you the opportunity to expand with us if you so desire.

Interested? send us an email to with the stuff above. If we like what we see we’ll contact you (please leave phone #) for an interview! We have a limited amount of spots and will be swamped with applications for these positions. So if you don’t hear from us then we have filled the spots (not because we don’t think your super duper cool.)

Get on it now if you want a spot…


Will take place with Hiring Manager


$8.00 an Hr – $10.00 an Hr Depending on experience + you make Tips!

(Tips shared between all workers at stand per shift)


Thanks all so much for seeking us out and we look forward to working with those individuals that make it on our team.

Just Squeezed Crew.

“Freedom is balance in life, ” Josh Lange founder and owner of the Just Squeezed Juice concession company. This particular quote is subject matter for this week’s blog entry and overall .. it’s how we live our lives. Nothing is more important to our company than the freedom it creates! This is why we focus on our “team” and giving work opportunity to people who share the same beliefs and want to achieve more in life than the typical 9-5.  We are a company comprised of many hard working honest values and high standards that have earned us a spot at the top of the Concession/ vendor world.  Our company culture is built on the foundation that if we work hard at what we do there is a very tangible reward that not many ever get to enjoy. Time freedom and financial gain, in essence working less and playing more!  Just Squeezed is an outlet for creativity, thinking outside the box and believing in the, “anything is possible” model of life. Daring to take on life’s challenges head on with an effective and positive outcome. Live life now, never wait for tomorrow is one of our mottos.

We encourage you to do the same! Live life while enjoying your work and never forget to enjoy the small things & strive for the big things!  Join us as we begin to take on new adventures in what is sure to be the best future we can possibly dream up! Remember YOU can do this too.  Allow Just Squeezed to help pave the path! Whether it be working with us as one of our crew or buying a Turnkey Business Package… we have amazing options. These opportunities are there waiting for you!!! :) Stay tuned as next week we turn our discussion  towards some of the staff of Just Squeezed and their own thoughts of how freedom is ultimately achieved through working for our awesome company.

Our formula is simple,  Freedom + Opportunity = Just Squeezed . Have an awesome week everyone!

This year has brought me to the Pacific Northwest as they have seen some very BIG snowfall do to the repeat of La Nina!
I am currently sitting in a little coffee shop in Sandpoint, Idaho. Its raining down low but in the mountains the snow is certainly falling. Tomorrow should be a very good day at Schweitzer Ski Mountain! I have been skiing here the last week and seemed to roll in at the right time as I have gotten 3 very sweet powder days so far.
Next stop…  Heading North into Canada
Stay tuned…
Josh Lange

It’s official!

Our new site it live! What do you think? We are continuing to add in new content so stay tuned, visit us often and PLEASE write some comments where available!

Thanks, we love ya and appreciate each and every one of you!

Josh & Just Squeezed Crew